Frequently Asked Questions

   What is OurDDO?
         OurDDO is a blogging community made up of players and fans of Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO).
         Many of our members were originally bloggers on MyDDO.

   Why do some of the posts show up more than once?
         Some of our bloggers list their blogs on multiple feeds or websites. This can lead to duplication, but
         we'd rather have that than not list them at all.

   What kind of blogs are included?
         ANY blog that's at least partly related to DDO. Character builds, raid strategies, fan fiction, art, and/or        
         any other subjects that reference DDO in some way are accepted. All blogging platforms are accepted.

   How do I get my blog on OurDDO?
         Send me an E-mail with your preferred username, the name, URL, and feed address of your blog,
         and a link to an icon to be used as your avatar.

   Once I send you my info, how soon will you add me?
         As soon as I can! That will USUALLY be within 24 hours; if I anticipate any delays, I'll try to let you know
         as soon as possible.

   How often are new posts added?
         Once a blog has been added to OurDDO, new posts should appear automatically "shortly" after you
         publish them to your blog. How fast new posts are grabbed is external and not something I can
         control, but generally it's anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

   Do I have to follow any rules?
         Sadly, rules are everywhere, even for something as fun as blogging about DDO. Here are our guidelines:
                     Only ORIGINAL content is allowed. If you don't own it, please don't use it.
                     No naming and shaming. If you MUST vent, leave identities out.
                     Absolutely NO "hate" posts with derogatory comments about gender, race, religion,
                       sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. This is grounds for immediate removal.
                     Please be understanding if I don't answer you right away. I do have a real life,
                       and that takes priority over DDO.
Constructive criticism is always welcome!


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